Up & over garage door

The gate structure owes its strength wide frame with special rectangular pipes.

- More than twenty design of steel and wood
- In almost all colors based on the RAL
- With side doors with the same appearance
- Exclusive wooden gates DESIGN also visually matching the entrance door
- Service gateway are available with a large glazing, which brightens the garage and creates individual points of contrast

New: Decograin surface "Mahogany-Rosewood" and "Golden Oak". The steel overhead doors with Decograin® surface faithfully mimic the structure of wood.

Safety for you and your family:
The default state of the art security to protect against injuries under the stringent provisions of the standard EN 13241-1: trap protection hand protection against the effects of locking gates and shutters.
Hörmann garage doors and drives the whole, the safety is tested by TÜV

Quality without compromise: a 10 year warranty on all Hörmann garage doors.